Google Chrome going 64 bit breaks vSphere 5.x Web Client Integration Plug-In

Posted by Paul Braren on Aug 4 2014 in
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  • Here's the Google Chrome 64 bit beta download:

    It probably won't be long now before this beta becomes generally available for all Chrome users, all while preserving the Chrome 32 bit user's current settings. There's also the promise of speed improvements.

    One warning for VMware users: if you use vSphere Web client integration, the Web Client Integration Plug-in will no longer work, once you go 64 bit Chrome. That'll keep you from uploading to datastores, deploying from templates, or mapping local resources to the VM. See details also VMware's Using the vSphere Web Client. Likely last updated in Sep. of 2013 around vSphere release, since the article doesn't acknowledge IE11's release in Oct 2013:

    Supported guest operating systems and browser versions for the vSphere Web Client.

    Operating system:
    Windows 32-bit and 64-bit

    Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, 9 (64-bit only), and 10. Mozilla Firefox: the latest browser version, and the one previous version at the time the vSphere 5.5 is produced. Google Chrome: the latest browser version, and the one previous version at the time the vSphere 5.5 is produced.
    Let's hope the ESXi 6.0 client handles 64 bit Chrome, with both likely coming out 3Q2014.

    Meanwhile, I think it's pretty helpful to cover what the differences are between the various builds Google provides. I believe gorskiegangsta says it best at the MacRumors forum here:

    Beta: the near finalized build version of Chrome (usually 1 version ahead of the Stable build; may have new/extra features not present in Stable build; slightly less stable [theoretically] than finalized Stable build)

    While his source back on Sep 23 2011 was this wikipedia article, it's still true.

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