Going to CES 2012! -- along with 2,700 exhibitors, 5,000 press/analysts, and 140,000 attendees)

Posted by Paul Braren on Dec 19 2011 in
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    On the recent BYOB Podcast, I announced that I'm going to CES 2012! Something I've wanted to do for about 20 years now.

    I'm also very happy I'll have the opportunity to meet David McCabe of homeservershow.com in person, and others from the tight-knit home server community like Mike Faucher, of the BYOB Podcast.

    This is by far the biggest conference I've ever attended. Nearly ten times more attendees are expected than my memorable business trip to VMworld back in 2008, also in Las Vegas. But this time, it's more personal, and I'll be there as "press/analyst," thanks to the success of this website.

    This is going to be a great opportunity for me, and for my site visitors. As you can probably guess, computing and storage are both my day job and hobby, and learning about what's coming up in the years to come will be a good thing. Equally important, a chance to actually meet some of the podcasters I've been listening to for years.

    Also a nice excuse to fly Virgin America again: gotta love the LED mood lights, WiFi, and outlets at every seat!

    If you too will be in Las Vegas, go ahead and let us know in the comments below, or on TinkerTry.com/contactform. I'd love to try to meet some of you, my valued site visitors!

    Paul Braren, known as "tinkererguy" in the forums

    Jan 08 2012 Update:
    See the Home Server Show crew streaming some live homeservershow.com/live.

    See also my own occasional live steaming events (assuming Verizon 4G LTE works there), at TinkerTry.com/live.

    To be notified when I'm going to stream, consider following me, Paul Braren on Google+.

    Finally, I just learned Justin Beiber, Snooki Polizzi, 50 Cent, and Dennis Rodman will be at CES, an "interesting" combination for sure!

    Jan 14 2012 Update:
    Correction, I've now learned 153,000 actually attended CES, the biggest year ever!