Fractal Design at CES 2012: overview by Ryan Heimbuch, Technical Support Manager

Posted by Paul Braren on Jan 16 2012 (updated on Jan 17 2012) in
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  • I have two videos to share, from the guy who is responsible for supporting those Fractal Design USB 3.0 upgrade kits. Actually, just last week, I installed the USB 3.0 upgrade kit in vZilla, which took all of 10 minutes, and was quite straight forward.

    These cases all have a lot of drive bays, and all come in at considerably lower price point than the equivalent Lian Li cases. I chose the Define XL for my build mostly because I wanted 10 drive bays.

    For those making a head-less server tucked away somewhere, these cases fit the bill and budget nicely. Thick sound-deadening materials on the Define XL's inner surfaces as well.

    For a nicer front bezel, say if you're putting this system in a more prominent spot in your home, then consider the Arc Mini Tower. As seen in the video, the plastic front bezel does really look like brushed metal. And it has has the same internal flexible case design, with drive bays that can be re-oriented.

    You can browse all the Fractal Designor Lian Li cases at

    Please make your comments below, as I've notified Ryan of this post, so it's a great way to get your feedback right back to Fractal Design!

    Jan 17 2012 Update:
    nice new photos and reviews now available here:

    Fractal Design Define XL and Define R3

    Fractal Design Arc Midi Tower and Arc Mini