For big MSDN downloads like Windows Technical Preview, you may want Akamai Download Manager

Posted by Paul Braren on Oct 2 2014 in
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  • Reminder, you'll need Microsoft TechNet or MSDN for many Microsoft downloads, which are paid for services.

    For multi-gigabyte downloads like Windows Technical Preview (Windows 10), you may want to get IE11 to cooperate and allow you to use Akamai's edge-of-network locations. The only problem is that IE11 doesn't work with Akamai Download Manager. That means you'll just get the regular http download, with the usual Save As dialogue. This can be slower, and won't allow you to resume your download if any sort of interruption occurs.

    The fix is straight forward.

    1) Use IE11's Compatibility View Settings menu to add to the list


    2) Next, get into IE11's Developer mode

    1. F12 brings up the developer tools window
    2. Press Ctrl+8 to get to Emulation (seen pictured below)
    3. Under 'Document mode', select 7
    4. Try the download again, you should then get prompted for the Akamai ActiveX Control installer. Yes, that means Chrome and Firefox won't work.
    F12 Emulation mode

    So, give it a try, what better way than the hot off the press Windows 10 beta. After all, who doesn't want a much faster download? You can disable the Add-on when done, if you'd like.

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    As for the Windows 10 beta, here's the direct download link from MSDN:


    See also the 2 minute video walkthrough below.