Get those blurry applications running clearly again under Windows 8, 8.1, 10

Posted by Paul Braren on Jan 14 2015 in
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  • If you've done an upgrade to a newer version of Windows, or moved to a retina-like display with a name like

    • 2560x1440 / 3840 x 2160 / 4096x2160 (resolution)
    • 3K / 4K / 5K
    • Ultra HD / Quad HD

    it's pretty likely you've already noticed exactly what I'm talking about. Certain applications may be blurry, such as Chrome, or ATTO Diskbenchmark. They just look bad. Quite noticeable on a Surface Pro 3, for example. Tends to happen with older applications that weren't designed to handle high resolution displays. The problem is also related to font and menu and title bar scaling tweaks that Windows is slowly getting better at, so you can actually read stuff on super high resolution displays.

    The fix is more of a workaround, but it's straight-forward, takes just seconds, and handles:

    • Desktop Shortcuts
    • Taskbar Shortcuts
    • Start menu items

    Here's the fix, step-by-step

    Right-click on the application or shortcut

    Select 'Properties'

    Select the 'Compatibility' tab

    Turn on the 'Disable display scaling on high DPI settings' checkbox

    Click OK

    Close your application, then launch it again, to clearly see the fix in action

    Here's the fix, looping video


    Here's the fix, YouTube (with voiceover)

    See also

    click above image to visit Microsoft KB 2900023