FingerPrint: easily print from your iPhone or iPad to network printers and USB photo printers, even if they’re not AirPrint compatible, version 2 upgrade now available

Posted by Paul Braren on Jul 7 2012 (updated on Nov 2 2013) in
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  • Jul. 12 2013 Update:
    Unfortunately, buy-it-once FingerPrint is no longer sold, replaced by Presto, which I haven't tested, but is reviewed by The Wall Street Journal here. This article kept for archival purposes only.

    If you haven't used FingerPrint 2 before, here's the gist:

    • install FingerPrint 2 on an always-on PC that has your printer drivers installed (network printers, USB printers, doesn't matter)
    • suddenly any iOS device on your same WiFi network can now print from any print-enabled apps (no app purchase is done on the iOS device)
    • (most Apple apps like Photos, Safari, Email, etc., and 3rd Party apps like Evernote, etc., all have native print abilities, now you can use them
      More info here:
      and trial download here, to ensure it works as you wish, with all your printers:

    In case you already have any prior version of FingerPrint already installed, there's just a few simple things to keep in mind:

    • This new version can now handle not only Dropbox, but other Windows apps like Evernote, or other Windows software you can add to your print dialogue, which auto-opens whatever you print in the application you specify
    • Here's instructions on configuring FingerPrint 2.0 for Dropbox, thanks to Collobos:
      • Open the FingerPrint window on your Computer, then, at bottom left of the FingerPrint window, click the "+" button. A new generic printer is created.
        • “Name” Edit this field to call the printer whatever you like.
        • “Location” No Change necessary
        • “Folder” Select “Other”, and identify the Dropbox folder location
        • “Action” No Change Necessary
      • Click "Save", and test (see 2nd video below for demonstration)
    • FingerPrint still runs as a service, on any PC left running, even if not logged in (works great on Home Servers or VMs)
    • Be sure to put "FP2" in  the coupon code field, and use the same email address you used when you purchases prior versions, to get 60% off until August 1 2012, explained here
    • Be a really informed buyer, buy perusing the Knowledge Base here, and/or watching the simple upgrade installation and Dropbox configuration videos I created here:

    When done trying and reading, please consider showing your support for TinkerTry by using this special button below, if you do decide to purchase a license. Note that I found and tried and liked this product long before I was offered this referral link:


    Sep. 18 2012 Update:
    Confirmed to work fine with Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate Essentials, so it is highly likely it'll work just fine with Windows Server 2012 (RTM) as well. Just run the Server Manager, Add Roles Wizard to add the "Print Server" Role before you install Fingerprint 2.0, it'll then install and work just fine.

    November 2, 2013 Update:
    Collobos has moved FingerPrint to a monthly subscription model, and renamed it Presto. I have removed all links from my shop buttons in the original articles, to avoid confusion, since I have not tested Presto. It is my understanding that prior versions still work, with the discontinued version still available for download (not purchase) here: