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BurnInTest Certificate

Report Date Wed Aug 12 17:47:37 2015
Generated by BurnInTest Version V8.1 Std (64-bit)

System summary

System componentDescription
Computer name DESKTOP-6IDURNU
System model SYS-5028D-TN4T
Motherboard manufacturer Supermicro
Motherboard serial number WM156S000154
BIOS Version & Date 1.0a (05/27/2015)
Operating system Windows 10 Professional Edition build 10240 (64-bit)
CPU type Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU D-1540 @ 2.00GHz (2000.4 MHz)
RAM 65433 MB
Video card Microsoft Basic Display Adapter (0MB)
Video card AMD Radeon HD 7750 (2048MB)
Disk drive Model SanDisk Sandisk Ultra USB Device (Size: 117.6GB)
Disk drive Model SAMSUNG SSD 830 Series (Size: 238.5GB)
Disk drive Model SanDisk Ultra Fit USB Device (Size: 14.5GB)
Disk drive Model WDC WD60EFRX-68MYMN1 (Size: 5589.0GB)
Disk drive Model Samsung SSD 850 EVO 2TB (Size: 1863.0GB)
Disk drive Model ST4000DX001-1CE168 (Size: 3726.0GB)
Disk drive Model ST4000DM000-1F2168 (Size: 3726.0GB)
Network Intel(R) I350 Gigabit Network Connection (MAC: 00:25:90:5D:0F:D5)
Network Intel(R) I350 Gigabit Network Connection (Speed: 1Gb/s) (MAC: 00:25:90:5D:0F:D4)

Result summary

Test Start timeWed Aug 12 16:41:50 2015
Test Stop time Wed Aug 12 17:41:55 2015
Test Duration 001h 00m 05s
Test Result
Memory (RAM) PASS
2D Graphics PASS
Temperature PASS
Disk (C:) PASS
Network 1 PASS


This document certifies that the Tests described above have been carried out by a suitably qualified technician on the System described above.