Fast and secure uploads to VMware support through their web portal

Posted by Paul Braren on Mar 1 2015 in
  • ESXi
  • If you don't wish to worry about Java browser integration, and the files you wish to share quickly and easily are less than 2 GB in size, then this super simple, and really short video is for you!

    The methods of collecting diagnostic information using the vm-support log file haven't changed much in ESXi 6.0, but they have changed a bit with vSphere 6.0 VCSA appliance 6.0, to be covered at TinkerTry soon.

    Once you have the file(s) on your Windows system, then what? You may not be as familiar with the encrypted way to share file(s) with VMware, quickly and easily.

    • works for IE, Firefox, and Chrome
    • works for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10
    • much shorter and simpler to follow than "Uploading diagnostic information for VMware through the Secure FTP portal (2069559)" at
    • once you've send the requested diagnostics to your VMware Support Representative, you may want to alert VMware that you have shared file(s) by sending an email to with your SR# in the subject line, in this example, it was 13345257507
    • animated looping 1 minute GIF below, or choose the 2 minute YouTube video with audio below it
    • here's the secure upload web site, as featured in the video:

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    Mar 01 2015