Tesla Full Self-Driving beta-tester Kim Paquette speaking to EV Club of CT at 7pm eastern Mar 11 2021, preregister now to join our Zoom!

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    I'd encourage #FSDBeta drivers to listen to this Autonocast podcast's words of extreme caution, watch this thoughtful video about self-driving being more about safety and not just convenience, and this one filled with alternative perspectives. Now you're ready for Kim Paquette's YouTube Channel!

    In my personal opinion, something bad happening could set driver-assist technology back industry-wide for years, and that would be unfortunate, given the 38,000 deaths in motor vehicle crashes per year in the US alone. I makes me very sad and frustrated to see abuses and defeat mechanisms flaunted by others for the clicks and follows, risking lives for cool footage. Kim is not one of them, investing a great deal of time and effort in this program by providing invaluable real-world driving data to Tesla, who uses the dozens of beta testers data to eventually make all Teslas even safer. A car that is more aware of what is actually going on in the world around it can do a much better job of avoiding accidents in the first place.

    For casual readers just looking for a brief peek at the new UI, check this video.

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    I've been thinking about driving assist technology for over 30 years, see also my extensive article on this controversial topic at:


    and it turns out that soon, I may be able to get my own careful hands on this technology too, and I already has the (car) brain surgery that was required for earlier 2018 Model 3s to be ready for this.

    So it was quite fun to have a chance to meet Kim at a new Tesla V3 Supercharger grand opening on Cape Cod a few months ago, seen in the tweet pictured above, but the extreme winds and large distances we kept between all of us made normal conversation a bit of a challenge.

    With that in mind, you can imagine how grateful I am to have an opportunity to join the EV Club of Connecticut in an evening of casual conversation with Kim, asking us about her real-world experiences with this marvel of technology on wheels that is her Tesla Model 3 with the 72 watt HW3 computer that processes live video from 8 cameras, making crucial driving decisions in realtime, using software that has gotten much smarter before the imminent much-wider distribution coming soon.

    Kim has a large library of clips taken from the very tight Newport Rhode Island roads, which is more like Europe than any other #FSDBeta tester I've seen out there. She's a big Tesla personality on Twitter for years, and also drives a Model 3 on CrossClimate+ tires too.

    Letting the car drive while constantly staying extremely vigilant is taxing, especially given the narrow streets she's testing on, thankfully at lower speeds.

    See also @kimpaquette's #FSDBeta tweets.


    Side-view mirrors auto-tuck in for this very-tight squeeze.



    Kim Paquette's YouTube Channel, click/tap to view.
    AI DRIVR - Feb 23 2021 - Self driving cars WILL crash [but that's OK]


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    Disclosure: My family owns no stock in Tesla. Tesla doesn't advertise at TinkerTry, or anywhere else, and this is not a sponsored post. We financed the purchase of two Tesla Model 3s, replacing my 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid in December of 2018 and replacing my wife's 2005 Honda Civic EX in December of 2019. These big moves to an all electric household were an expression of our mutual desire to go green, avoid gasoline, be safe, have fun, and save money in the long run. Mostly for my job, I drive a lot, 25,000 miles in 2019 for example, and I thoroughly enjoy sharing what I've learned with you. I hope you can tell!

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