Finally, first mass market EV pickup truck deliveries by Rivian in 2021, Ford in 2022, Tesla and Chevy in 2023, Dodge in 2024

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  • I'm not a pickup truck person, but a whole lot of North Americans are. The Ford F-Series has been the best-selling pickup truck in the US and Canada since 1977, and they've been selling about 900,000 per year in the past 3 years. The potential for some serious carbon emission and cost-per-mile reductions are huge, especially in fleet use. Look at it this way. The 2020 Tesla Model 3 Performance EV is likely to save Westport Connecticut's police department enough money to buy another in just 4 years with the savings over a Ford Explorer. Imagine what fleet of commercial electric pickup trucks at $40K a piece could do!

    Below you'll find quite a collection of articles and videos I've recently come across that I've been discussing with some EV owners, and even some ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) pickup truck owners from Texas. Figured there was value in putting my readings and viewings into one article, especially since I haven't seen anything like this elsewhere.


    Enjoy learning about EVs and EV pickups, it's OK to be excited. Today's EVs are NOTHING like the Prius featuring 1997 tech. The age of compromises by going electric are behind us. Today's EVs are better vehicles in every way including price, especially when you account for the total cost of ownership. You don't have to be a tree-hugger of any sort to want one. I rented a commercial Ford F-150 at Lowe's to get some lumber, and let's just say I wasn't exactly impressed with the handling, acceleration, or the interior. It's so apparent to me that this huge automotive sector is ripe for disruption.

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    Rivian R1T

    Deliveries began December 2021

    Rivian R1T, photo by Paul Braren on May 14 2021 at a private showing in New Haven Connecticut.

    ETA source:

    By the end of 2021, the company produced 1,015 vehicles and delivered 920 of them to customers (in the U.S.).

    Read all about this first-to-market EV pickup truck, this outdoors lifestyle Rivian R1T pickup truck, complete with exclusive photos, was recently featured here at TinkerTry, I saw the future: all-electric Rivian R1T pickup truck at all-electric Hotel Marcel in New Haven Connecticut.

    See also Sep 14 2021 story - Rivian's first production R1T electric pickup truck rolls off the line - And beats Ford, GM and Tesla, with the first deliveries to long-time employees on Sep 25 2021, but the first deliveries to reservation holders still unknown.

    On Sep 28 2021, the journalist embargo was apparently lifted, see a variety of video reviews here and in this fun podcast segment by Electrek's Founder Seth Weintraub, with media images here.

    • 2021 Rivian R1T
      by Drew Dorian and Roberto Baldwin at Car & Driver

      The futuristic R1T is an all-electric pickup truck from new American startup brand Rivian, and it promises between 250 and 400 miles of driving range and lightning-quick acceleration. The company says that the revealed truck is no concept vehicle—what you see here is what will enter production as the 2021 R1T.

    On Oct 25 2021, unfortunately, it looks like Rivian may be running in issue scaling production beyond 1.47/day:

    Despite having no customer deliveries so far, Rivian also said they expect to begin deliveries of the R1S electric SUV in December.

    On Nov 23 2021, Rivian R1S and R1T customers get their delivery windows: as early as March 2022.

    Ford F-150 Lightning

    ETA Spring 2022

    Ford F-150 Lightning, note the lack of a tailpipe. Click twice to really zoom in. Scroll down below to see many more photos in full resolution.
    Shut the frunk up.

    ETA sources here, updated on Sep 16 2021 here, but despite doubling production numbers, as of Aug 24 2021, they're estimated to be planning for a very modest 15,000 units in 2022 and 55,000 in 2023. Given that as of Sep 16 2021, there are now over 150,000 Lightning reservation holders, this seems to indicate constraints in scaling production lines and/or battery constraints.

    Complete gallery view of all Ford PR photos below. Kind of odd that some of the pics still show regular F-150s with tailpipe.)

    Regular People Can Buy the Cheapest Ford F-150 Lighting Electric Pickup, Too
    The F-150 Lightning Pro is commercial-focused, but not limited to commercial buyers.
    , and since it comes in at $41,669, it could wind up being eligible for the Connecticut CHEAPR rebate that's capped at $42K. It's also looking like that the US will have even better federal rebates on such EVs by the time these start shipping as well. I know one Connecticut buyer Paul Stansel who is in the first 5K to 6K of pre-orderers, and he intends to get a F-150 Lightning with ordering apparently starting on October 26 2021.


    Tesla Cybertruck

    ETA late 2022

    Shameless selfie by Paul Braren on May 8 2021 in New York City.

    ETA source, but updated on Sep 2 2021 to late 2022, which means realistically volume delivery won't be until 2023.

    See also at TinkerTry, I got to see the Tesla Cybertruck in New York City with my own eyes and it still seems unreal.

    Here's my conversation with some truck enthusiasts that I know who are all from Texas, now that’s a challenge! One loves Cybertruck, some kind of love Ford. I'm confident they'll all quite enjoy whatever EV they eventually choose, especially if Lubbock TX finally gets some Electrify America and/or Tesla DC fast charging.

    • 2022 Tesla Cybertruck
      by Eric Stafford at Car & Driver

      The Tesla Cybertruck looks like it was dropped off by an alien race, but it has the capabilities to challenge all of the top-selling pickup trucks. With a sharp-edged exterior that is made of scratch- and dent-resistant stainless steel, Tesla's all-electric truck is seriously tough.

    Chevy Silverado

    ETA 2023

    Image courtesy of, click/tap to view source article with bigger photos.

    ETA source.

    No official images yet, just third party guess renders.
    ETA sources here, updated Aug 11 2021 here.


    Full press release by Chevrolet here.

    DETROIT – General Motors President Mark Reuss today announced Chevrolet will introduce a Silverado electric pickup truck that will be built at the company’s Factory ZERO assembly plant in Detroit and Hamtramck, Michigan.

    The Chevrolet Silverado electric full-size pickup is designed from the ground up to be an EV, harnessing the best of the Ultium Platform and Silverado’s proven capability. The electric Silverado will offer customers a GM-estimated range of more than 400 miles on a full charge*.

    Retail and fleet versions will offer customers a variety of options and are expected to be in high demand. Today’s announcement affirms Chevrolet’s commitment to build on the brand’s 100 years of truck expertise and leadership, while transitioning to an all-electric future in the light-vehicle space.


    Dodge Ram Electric Pickup

    ETA 2024

    • Everything we know about the Ram 1500 Electric pickup truck [2024]
      Jan 12 2022 by Anjan Ravi at TopElectricSUV

      It is no news that Ram is transitioning to EVs slower than rivals, but it has an exciting product on the horizon – the Ram 1500 electric pickup truck. Ram, “the only dedicated truck and van brand,” as CEO Mike Koval proudly markets it, plans to launch its first EV in 2024.


    Here’s Tesla Cybertruck/Rivian R1T/Ford Lightning comparisons, seriously, check each of them out carefully, there's a lot to unpack:

    Ben Sullins - Oct 28 2021 - After Riding in Cybertruck, Rivian, F150 Lightning Which One Am I Buying?

    TinkerTry's Take

    Written June 2021.
    I'm just so happy that the dawn of EV pickups is finally (almost) here! The faster we transfer to sustainable sources of energy, the better for all of us. Competition in a nascent industry is good, and I welcome it.

    I'd say the Ford F-150 Lightning is looking very promising, with that V2G (Vehicle to Grid) feature really being something to brag about, intended for occasional use. This is especially true now, given what Texas just went through.

    I do feel the range is just a little low at each price point, despite the overstated effects of the 1,000 lb load, especially when compared to the Cybertruck at similar price points. I also worry a bit about the 150 kW max charge rate vs Tesla's 250 kW, and the expected 41 minute DC fast charge time to get from 15% to 80%.. There's also the heavy reliance on Electrify America's charging network, which has had a rough start working with the Mach-E. Finally, given how few Mustang Mach-E EVs Ford has been able to deliver, I wonder how long the ramp up will be before we see meaningful numbers of Lightnings out there, especially if battery constraints inhibit sales. It's not demand I'm worried about, it's the ability to deliver.

    Given my wife and I gave up our last gas cars ever, 2005 and 2006 Honda Civics in favor of Model 3s, I'm admittedly biased here, but I can also say that after 48K miles of combined road experience, we have no regrets financially or emotionally. In my opinion, Tesla's Cybertruck will showcase the upcoming 4680 cell with faster DC charging. Based on public information about the new charge curves for the 4680 cell, I'm estimating that it will be well under half an hour for a typical 10% to 80% charge when road-tripping. Other Tesla-only innovations include the huge die-cast stamping of the entire front and rear chassis, along with the surprisingly good aerodynamics of this relatively cheap-and-easy to make-and-maintain paint-free angular design. Seating for 6 adults in all trim levels vs Ford's 5 in the higher trim levels. Considerably higher towing and payload capacity and nearly twice the cubic feet of space in the bed. All uniquely Tesla it would seem at least as it currently seems on paper.

    Tesla is the market leader for powertrain and charging network technology, and they've gained a lot of experience working out EV powertrain kinks since the introduction of the Model S way back in 2012. They've delivered nearly 2 million EVs to date, and their real-world experience lowers the risk vs. all newcomers to the EV market. Again I'll mention the importance of having a solid fast-charging network in place, especially for road-trippers. Let's hope that the build-out of Electrify America (with VW's dollars) accelerates as quickly as these EV pickups. Hopefully an easy-as-Tesla-Supercharging experience becomes just as prevalent across all EVs makes soon too.

    Paul Braren's photo of the Cybertruck's visit to New York City in May 2021.

    I realize the Cybertruck's attention-getting looks aren't for everybody, but that shock factor for anything new is just human nature. Seeing Cybertrucks around will quickly become normal, as will seeing a variety of other EV pickups. It's about time!

    Jun 09 2021 Update


    Why no mention of the Hummer EV, Lordstown Motors Endurance or Bollinger B1 or B2? I remind you of the title here, mass market EV pickups. My thinking was those EV pickups that have a good range and at least a moderate likelihood of selling in significant numbers in the coming years.


    Also, despite handsome appearances, things apparently might not be looking so good for Lordstown Motors.


    See also more about the structural battery pack that's also planned for the Cybertruck

    Tesla's 4680 cells are shooting for million mile life and much faster charging. This is a big deal.

    From Tesla Battery Day, this charge curve for upcoming 4680 battery cells may be pretty amazing, potentially taking the typical 20 to 40 minute Supercharge sessions down to less than 5 minutes without requiring any changes to Superchargers.

    Jul 12 2021 Update

    It's a good bet that much of the engineering in the Ford Mustang Mach-E will be carried over to the upcoming Ford F-150 Lightning. These shortcomings concern me.

    Munro Live - Jul 12 2021 - Mach-E Suspension & High Voltage Wiring Compared to Tesla Model Y
    EV & Chill - Jul 03 2021 - My Mustang Mach-E is BROKEN and UNFIXABLE by Ford evidently..


    Jul 16 2021 Update

    In response to Trevor calling the Cybertruck a combination of an SUV and a pickup truck, Sandy Munro talks about how it represents an entirely new market at this spot, driving entirely off the sun.


    Sep 23 2021 Update

    I resorted the dates, moving the Lightning to show before the Cybertruck instead of after, based on new ETA estimates. Unfortunately, low volumes of the Lightning may mean that neither truck will arrive in volume until 2024 anyway.

    Oct 29 2021 Update

    Ben Sullins new Oct 28 2021 added above.

    Nov 09 2021 Update

    Great new set of high resolution media images are now available at Rivian here.

    Nov 29 2021 Update

    Title changed accordingly, from
    Finally, mass market EV pickup trucks from Rivian, Tesla, and Ford set to arrive between 2021 and 2023
    Finally, first mass market EV pickup trucks from Rivian, Tesla, and Ford set to arrive in 2022 and 2023

    Jan 13 2022 Update

    Title changed accordingly, from:
    Finally, first mass market EV pickup trucks from Rivian, Tesla, and Ford set to arrive in 2022 and 2023
    Finally, first mass market EV pickup trucks from Rivian in late 2021, Ford and Tesla in late 2022, Chevy in 2023

    Jan 14 2022 Update

    Title changed accordingly, from:
    Finally, first mass market EV pickup trucks from Rivian in late 2021, Ford and Tesla in late 2022, Chevy in 2023, Dodge in 2024
    Finally, first mass market EV pickup trucks from Rivian in 2021, Ford in 2022, Tesla and Chevy in 2023, Dodge in 2024
    Finally, first mass market EV pickup truck deliveries by Rivian in 2021, Ford in 2022, Tesla and Chevy in 2023, Dodge in 2024

    Removed old Silverado info, archived here below:


    Environmental considerations, similar series of takes on an open source video.

    The Dirty Truth about Combustion Engine Vehicles | An 'Open Source' Animation
    EV or Gas, What Pollutes More?
    EV vs Gas for Teachers & Kids for Earth Day



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    This article captures the fun of driving up and down Mount Washington in my EV, with my short, fun 4K video below. Now imagine how effortless, quiet, and smell-free it will be to climb up steep grades in your EV pickup, even when towing!

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    Disclosure: My family owns no stock in Tesla. Tesla doesn't advertise at TinkerTry, or anywhere else, and this is not a sponsored post. We financed the purchase of two Tesla Model 3s, replacing my 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid in December of 2018 and replacing my wife's 2005 Honda Civic EX in December of 2019. These big moves to an all electric household were an expression of our mutual desire to go green, avoid gasoline, be safe, have fun, and save money in the long run. Mostly for my job, I drive a lot, 25,000 miles in 2019 for example, and I thoroughly enjoy sharing what I've learned with you. I hope you can tell!

    Ford F-150 Lightning, from the media kit.

    It seems Ford has slipped this tailpipe photo in the rest of the Lightning pics.