Not able to attend VMworld 2013? Join the TinkerTry "first look at ESXi 5.5" event instead, LIVE Aug 29 2013 7pm-8pm EDT

Posted by Paul Braren on Aug 28 2013 (updated on Aug 29 2013) in
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  • Welcome to my landing page, for my first TinkerTry hosted live event, with full details listed on the event site here.

    If you're looking for a way to

    • see me share live video from my desktop, as I kick the tires on ESXi 5.5
    • see me share my live webcam
    • see yourself, on camera, and able to talk and chat in real-time with the other invitees, collaboratively asking questions

    then you've come to the right place. What's the catch? Well, you'll need to be a Google+ member to participate in this particular event, and you'll need at least a microphone and preferably a webcam.

    Still very interested?  Then by all means, please prepare now by following all 4 of these simple steps, should take about 2-3 minutes:

    1. Following me on Google+ followed by a quick post letting me know why you want to participate
      (this will be on a first come, first serve basis, with just 7 guest spots.
      Fun, yes. Shenanigans, not tolerated, event may be terminate early)
    2. Sign up for the TinkerTry Weekly digest of weekly articles prior to the event here, so I can then send you an invite to the Hangout On Air via email
    3. Following me on Twitter, for the latest status updates on the hangout.
    4. Prepare your workstation by visiting Getting Started with Google Hangouts On Air
      (it's a simple web plugin, works best on Chrome).

    I'm going all out here, using Wirecast to stream the Hangout to YouTube Live as well, using the no-sign-up-required embedded window below, so the rest of the world can listen in and watch the fun. Did I mention, it'll be LIVE? What could possibly go wrong?

    Pretty nifty that the quality of the Google+ Hangout experience was just cranked up recently, in the nick of time:
    Google quietly starts 720p HD Hangouts rollout by Don Reisinger August 28, 2013

    The company is able to offer HD video through the use of VP8, an open video codec it's using to replace H.264.

    See also related gigaom story here.

    Let's test it out together, and see how it goes!


    Aug 29 2013 Update:
    The 1 hour 7 minute event was a success! While the YouTube Live component didn't work out (Wirecast integration with Hangout issue), but that didn't matter too much, since the Hangout On Air with embedded live view for those watching went fine. Most importantly, the replay for everybody else now available below.

    A big special thank you to all who participated, including Craig Scholle of TheDigitalMediaZone and Jay Oliphant, frequent site commenter!


    See also my previous podcast participation here, and consider watching me live again later the same evening, Aug 29 2013 9pm-10pm EDT, at, where Jim Collison (@jcollison), John Zajdler (@Dieharder) and I will be covering various fun home tech topics.