LastPass keeps you from having to type administrator@vsphere.local every time you login with vSphere Web Client

Posted by Paul Braren on Mar 2 2015 (updated on Aug 24 2015) in
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  • Ever since the dawn of VMware's SSO stuff, logging in to the vSphere Web Client can be a little cumbersome, and feel a lot like a typing test. This quick 30 second fix can help you avoid this aggravation in your home lab, with a focus on my tests on builds of the upcoming vSphere 6.0 VCSA.*

    Mar 03 2015 Update - based on the discussion below, it's evident that LastPass isn't working with vCenter 5.5 vSphere Web Client, but works fine with 6.0

    Aug 24 2015 Update - There's an alternative method that William Lam just documented:

    C'mon now, don't leave your laptop running all night just to avoid having to log your vSphere Web Client back in the next morning. If you already have LastPass installed, this one-time fix is pretty darn trivial to do, evident in the 30 second video below.

    What's the catch?

    • you may still have to manually press the Login button, boo ho!

      (or just wait a few seconds, and depending upon the circumstances, it'll auto-login for you)

    Seriously, no more typing administrator@vsphere.local, I doubt you'll miss it.*

    *added Mar 14 2015 - see also visitor isalev's comment below for an alternative approach

    The default LastPass Save Site technique doesn't work. I tried. Which is why I'm publishing this tip of a method that does work, using Chrome for the video. Get The LastPass Chrome Extension, or the LastPass Windows Installer for all your browsers.

    Let us know how you do with testing this tip by dropping a comment below, making sure to mention the browser you're using, and the version of vCenter you're logging into.

    If you have LastPass questions, read onward to my potential gotchas section below, then use the LastPass forums or support.
    Simple 30 sec looping how to video. Next time you visit the login page, no typing will be needed.

    Here's a bit more thorough list of potential issues you may encounter:

    • requires a plugin (extension, add-in, etc), available for all major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, unified LastPass here
    • requires trust in LastPass and proper hardening settings (or don't trust it, and have it memorize only the User name)
    • this is a home lab suggestion, and is completely inappropriate if your machine is in a shared environment,
      use at your own risk
    • if you try to use the usual LastPass site memorization techniques, they don't work, you have to use Save all entered data, follow the video exactly
    • if you have any existing entries memorized for your login, you'll see a little number overlaying the asterisks, delete all prior entries, then create this new entry
    • this may not work with manual host file edits (instead of true DNS), so if you're struggling, try a straight IP address login instead
    • did I mention you'll want to follow the video exactly?

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