Many EV brands at the Drive Electric Earth Day 2021 in Fairfield Connecticut

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  • On Saturday Apr 24 2021, a special 3-in-1 Earth Day event was held in Fairfield, Connecticut:

    The next generation gets it.
    1. Drive Electric Earth Day
    2. Sustainable Fairfield Earth Day Celebration
    3. Healthy Kids Day April 24th YMCA Fairfield

    Given I've been helping out with the EV Club of Connecticut lately, including occasionally finding guests and establishing a new YouTube and Twitter presence, volunteering to attend with our Model 3 sure seemed like a great way to spend a sunny Saturday! A chance to speak to non-EV owners is a lot of fun for me, especially when kids are there with their equally-curious parents. I answered so many questions about my 40,000 miles these past 2 1/3 years of EV ownership, with one person spending about half an hour asking me super nerdy technical questions. That's right up my alley!

    It was pretty great that Ford provided a new Ford Mustang Mach-E for this special occasion, and it's noteworthy that it had a manufacturer plate. Local Ron Blumenfeld is an experienced Chevy Bolt driver (seen pictured in red), and he was also the driver of the Mach-E loaner, he gives us his initial impressions of the Mach-E in the video below.

    With Ron's prior consent, the Fairfield Fire Department and I had a look under the Mach-E's hood, checking out the emergency disconnect under the easily-removed plastic shield. Whether it's computers or cars, I quote enjoy seeing how things work, and how different companies go about designing things. We talked at some length off camera about how extinguishing EV fires works, and we discussed Ford's recent NHTSA crash test results were looking good, with more details here.

    You'll also spot Michael Terranova in the photos below, the very same enthusiast and inspiring public speaker who bravely spoke at the EV Parade in Fairfield last fall at this spot. He made quite an impression.

    Enjoy some photos and video of this special event below, then search for a Drive Electric Earth Day Event near you, to go get your EV questions answered too. Hurry, there's only a few that haven't happened yet!


    There is no planet B. Drive EV.
    A nod to CleanTechnica
    Michael Terranova and his mom Mary, checking out the Tesla Model 3 interior
    Ford Mustang Mach-E, front trunk
    CLN AIR plate from Pennsylvania!
    Fairfield FD


    Apr 24 2021 - Bolt Driver's First Impressions: Ford Mustang Mach E, Drive Electric Earth Day Fairfield Connecticut

    While this video below wasn't recorded at the same Earth Day event, you might it helpful, another contender in the same Compact SUV (CUV) category as the Mach-E and Tesla Model Y.

    Apr 19 2021 - EV Club of CT discussion with Marshall Breines, owner of the first VW ID.4 in Connecticut!



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