Chose the Insteon Hub in 2012, now they've announced Nest integration for 2014

Posted by Paul Braren on Mar 28 2014 in
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  •  March 13 2014

    Nest owners who purchase and install the Insteon Hub for their homes, as well as download the free Insteon app for both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, can simply add an installed Nest product to their list of remote-controlled devices in the Insteon app.

    You may recall my stories of success in my home with the First Alert ONELINK brand of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, from 2010, described in depth here. I went all in, installing 9 detectors throughout my home, including one for each bedroom, and one right near my computer gear. Replacing those with a Nest Protect wouldn't exactly be affordable. That same year, I had also begun to use Insteon to control my home's outdoor front lighting, simply going off at sunset, and off at midnight.

    I went on to get the Insteon Hub, with that part of the long story unfolding in late 2012, detailed here. Finally, a simple controller that works reliably.

    I was then also quite pleased that the Insteon Smoke Bridge came along in June 2013, marrying my existing detectors with my home automation system. Nice! I then went on to add leak detection to the system that same month, simply and affordably, using the Insteon Water Leak Sensor. All while staying monthly fee free.

    But the one thing I haven't touched yet are my old, dumb thermostats. There's no rush, as a vast majority of the time, at least one of us is home. So automated set-back thermostats that can sense when you are home aren't high on my priority list at the moment. But when the day arrives that our usage patterns change, or our AC system needs an upgrade, I'll be in the market for a new thermostat that is connected to my smartphone. Having an option that integrates with Insteon does sound appealing to me. It'd mean one less app to launch, integrated with my other devices right in the Insteon for Hub app.

    Turns out, the first non-Insteon branded thermostat to claim Insteon compatibility is, suprisingly enough, the Nest Thermostat. In addition to reviewing the entire press announcement above, see also:

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