Come see live video from CES 2013, courtesy of Dave McCabe of and, and Jim Collison of

Posted by Paul Braren on Jan 9 2013 (updated on Jan 18 2013) in
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    Tune into the live coverage this week, right from CES 2013 in Las Vegas, live!

    Truly unique coverage from some souls brave enough to broadcast over cellular. Dave McCabe of and is there at CES, with Jim Collison of remotely producing the whole shebang from his home studio.

    Last night, they had the #1 Google+ Hangouts ON AIR, featured right on the main site. Not bad! I was even lucky enough to get invited to join the fun.


    Join the crew again on the livestream chat this week, to sneak in your requests to fearless reporter Dave McCabe, as he does impromptu interviews with all sorts of server and storage companies big shots.

    I've only been able to join for a few minutes each night so far, but already got to virtually meet many tech-famous-folk, including Ian Dixon, Andrew EdneyLloyd Case, and Brian Burgess. There was even a nice mention by Gina Smith, and a bit of day-end fun with Zboard, seen below, taking care to keep the screen-shot-ed chat below family-friendly, and non-embarrassing.

    Here's the schedule, the live video feed with chat, and the replays. Enjoy!


    Jan. 18 2013 Update:
    See Dave's incredible photo gallery of pix he snapped all over CES.