CalAlarm for iPhone and iPad, finally an app that repeats an alert until I respond

Posted by Paul Braren on Apr 29 2014 (updated on Jul 5 2014) in
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  • For years, I've been seeking a reliable way to be alerted to calendar events on my iPhone. One of the drawback with iOS has been the default calendar's behavior, where an event may bet set to trigger an alert or two before or at the start time of some personal or professional appointment that you're about to miss, but it can't be set to repeat until you respond. So if you're on the move and don't hear the phone beep, or don't feel the momentary vibration, then you're out of luck. It won't repeat the alarm. You miss your meeting. Aargh!

    This app finally solves that problem for me. I now reliably show up for personal and work related meetings on time. CalAlarm saves its info in the same native calendar database that other calendaring apps use, including the native Calendar App that comes with iOS 7. So you can keep using other pretty and functional calendar apps you already love and use, such as Fantastical 2 for iPhone. It's just that now, you've got the new ability for repeating alerts added by CalAlarm, which handles the background push alerts.

    Finally, something that works! I cannot believe it took me this long to locate something like this. I'm also glad to have about a month of experience of using it under my belt before writing this article, so my confidence in the software's reliability has reached the point where I'm happy to recommend CalAlarm app, despite the minor shortcoming of a less-than-amazing interface, which you likely rarely need to see anyway.


    Been looking for this app for years!
    by Virtualadrian

    I used to have a traditional smart phone.. one of those HP giant things before iPhone existed. I loved the calendar on that thing because it would keep alerting until you acknowledged the event... FINALLY! after years I have that feature again. What if I'm in some other part of the office and don't hear the initial alert ... this app solves that problem.

    The app is easy to use, has many views and syncs with the calendars on your phone.
    See also my video walkthrough below:

    Jul 05 2014 Update:
    DevArt has commented below, CalAlarm 2 is now out, available now on the App Store.