TinkerTry featured on “The Home Server Show” BYOB Episode #107

Posted by Paul Braren on Jan 2 2013 in
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  • Today, while enjoying my day off, I was catching up on some podcasts as I installed several new Leviton dimmers and LED bulbs around my home.

    To my surprise, I suddenly heard special-guest Gavin Campbell on BYOB (Build Your Own Box) Episode 107 mention that his home virtualization inspirations originally came from:

    as well as storage strategies:

    I love that Gavin outlines a Hyper-V based approach to virtualization in the home. Hearing about alternatives is always a good thing.

    For example, Gavin mentions using Crashplan, instead of my home-brew backup/offsite storage methods:

    and USB using FabulaTech, instead of USB mapping that I discussed here:

    Like many, he wound up heading over to Hyper-V in the end, a path many IT professionals take, even when VMware ESXi is their focus at work. His reasons include problems with choosing pass through compatible hardware (eSATA card that didn't work for VT-d, same with different-than-vZilla-mobo's ethernet), as well as hints at licensing and cost considerations:

    He also mentions UPS considerations, with his existing APC not working out, not owning my APC-alternative listed here:

    I'm honored and surprised to be mentioned on this podcast. It really demonstrates that there's a ways to go yet, as far as smoothing out the bumps in the road for adopting VMware's flavor of virtualization. And while I never claimed that going with ESXi in the home is for everybody, with a bit of extra persistence for those motivated to clear those hurtles, and some careful hardware choices, TinkerTry has at least demonstrated that it can be a good experience.

    What a round-about way to virtually meet Gavin, who turns out to also be a coworker.

    Check out this special episode by subscribing at the link below, and really consider listening to the entire podcast:

    pcdoc - December 31, 2012

    Special thanks go out to pcdoc, aka Mike Faucher for inviting Gavin to the show. Mike, so glad I got to meet you at CES last year!