Check out "vSphere 6.5 – Everything You Need To Know" by Brian Graf & "Migrate 2 VCSA (you should)" podcast featuring Emad Younis

Posted by Paul Braren on Oct 23 2016 (updated on Nov 23 2016) in
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  • Brian Graf, VMware Senior Product Manager - HA/DRS


    You might remember Brian from this wonderful work of art, his extremely detailed technical poster called:


    You'll also see from following him @vBrianGraf that he's quite the world traveler, and I'm so glad to have had a chance to meet him in person several times now. I'm still regretting not taking his vSAN public speaking tip. But you didn't come here to read insider jokes, you want to jump right to that new new button he's added right up at the top of his site that bring you to his many vSphere 6.5 posts with a ton of screenshots of announced-but-not-yet-available vSphere 6.5. This large library of high quality articles is very nicely organized too:

    For folks like me brave enough to sometimes use our ESXi as our workstation/datacenter all-in-one, see also Brian's recent post:


    Emad Younis, VMware Senior Technical Marketing Engineer


    You may have come across another amazing poster:

    Peruse his detailed series on vSphere 6.5.

    Emad Younis and Paul Braren in the VVOL area at VMware Partner Exchange 2015.

    Or, you can have a listen to him talking all about VCSA. Emad clearly has a bit of fun on this particularly enjoyable podcast, where you're sure to learn a lot about the many technical benefits of moving to VCSA, and how to migrate over without loosing anything. I can safely say that in my home lab adventures with VCSA since the early 5.5 days, things have only gotten better!

    Interested in Emad Younis' very informative recent podcast appearance, you might be? Here's an embedded player with speed controls, and a 30 sec. skip-back button you'll be needing:

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    See all the details about Emad's guest appearance on that special Virtually Speaking podcast episode, expertly co-hosted by Pete Flecha (@vPedroArrow) and John Nicholson (@Lost_Signal):

    and don't forget to also check out Emad's article:


    Nov 04 2016 Update

    Sitting near the back at a recent Orlando VMUG during the kick-off keynote, suddenly a tap on the shoulder. There's Brian, smiling, despite having just come in from a red-eye flight. We agreed that Orlando Airport is a strange place to be without ones kids.

    Later that day, somebody was talking to me about the SuperServer demo I had just done, and the conversation wandered over to VCSA and backup. Of course, I then introduced him to Brian, who had just written an excellent article about that very topic! Just one of those many little magic moments that only happen, in person, face to face. We later had a lively talk with a bunch of folks about Veeam installs on Windows versus NAKIVO in a preconfigured OVA. In the afternoon, Brian flew off to Boston for the next VMUG USERCON, on the very next day!


    Nov 23 2016 Update

    But wait, there's more! You should also check out Brian Graf's recent appearance as well, you'll thank me later!

    but don't forget to also subscribe on iTunes or Soundcloud.

    So there you go, IT Pro, perfect entertainment to enjoy during your holiday travels!

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      Brian Graf is a Senior Product Manager - Distributed Resource Management (DRS/HA/DPM) at VMware. Previous to Product Management, Brian worked as a Senior Technical Marketing Manager at VMware, focused on PowerCLI Automation and ESXi Lifecycle technologies. Previous roles also include: Consultant for EMC Consulting. His main focus was Data center migration methodologies and implementations.


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