gZilla Gaming System allows Boyo to excel at StarCraft 2

Posted by Paul Braren on Nov 5 2011 in
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    Clearly he's got mad skills.  And yes, school and homework are always first with Boyo, where's he's also excelling.

    Once he proved himself with growing SC2 skills this past spring of 2011, it became clear his 4 year old laptop was holding him back, even with its discrete graphics. First, we built a tower system cobbled together from parts I wasn't actively using, but most of those parts were also somewhat old, and didn't allow streaming while playing. So in August, he earned much of the $ required for a proper new gaming system we built together, with great frame rates while streaming. Click the big blue button below for all the details:


    Boyo had some fun at the friendly Dover NH competition in late April, the New England SC2 League Season 1 Grand Final, his first event.  He went on to win the New England SC2 League S2T4 Qualifier back in August.  The last week of October, he became Grand Master, the same week he turned 15. And now, this weekend on November 6th, he'll be competing at the New England SC2 League Season 2 Grand Finals in Storrs, CT, here's the live stream, and the bracket.

    Finally, November 19th, it's off to nearby Providence, RI, for the MLG Providence StarCraft 2 event, where he'll be with some of the best players in the world. Amazingly lucky that this international event is close by.

    Show your support by following Boyo at twitch.tv, see also dMBoyo Grand Master ranking history, updated here as well.

    I think of this competitive sport as a modern day equivalent of him competing on a high school sports team, where the best varsity players travel to national championships.

    I'm quite proud, and a little nervous, like any parent would be, in the face of their kid facing intense competition.  But all indications are that he isn't letting any of this get to him, and can apparently handle himself quite well. And the support of the community is just so inspiring, and the science so interesting.

    A few talk some smack on occasion, trying to get under his skin, but hey, how is that any different than real life?  Maybe this is real life...

    Dec 03 2011 Update

    Paul Miller, of Engadget and The Verge fame, has posted quite the masterpiece about his experiences with SC2, a great read:

    Dec 03 2011 Update

    Drogith, founder of the New England SC2 League, has made an intriguing post, see Topic: Canada and US semi-pro League?


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