I'm attending "The 2nd Annual Home Server Show Meetup" in Indianapolis Oct 20th, come join us!

Posted by Paul Braren on Sep 16 2012 in
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    Got to meet David McCabe, founder of Home Server Show, and Mike Faucher, of BYOB Podcast, for a brief but fun walk around CES 2012 in Las Vegas together, for an hour or two one afternoon, way back in January. Even got to meet Greg Welch, also from the Home Server Show community.

    But on this October trip, a much bigger opportunity to geek out big time with a bunch of enthusiasts, for far more hours, really looking forward to this. And perhaps a side trip to Fry's Electronics, which we still don't have here in the northeast.

    If you're interested in joining us, please do, RSVP for free here. On the fence? Read what others are saying here, on the friendly Home Server Show forums of course, or read all about the big event in the announcement here:


    Last year Jim Collison and I played host to around 25 meetup participants and we are back for more in 2012.  It was an overwhelming success thanks to sponsors and guys that took a lot of time out of their weekend to either fly or drive to the meetup.