An analytical look back at TinkerTry 2011

Posted by Paul Braren on Jan 1 2012 (updated on Jan 2 2012) in
  • WebDesign
  • One of the more fun aspects of blogging is the recent ability to access Google Analytics live data, for free. It's become clear to me, based on average page load times, that I have some work to do, as I resolve to do better in 2012!


    Knowing that many of my site visitors are also WordPress Bloggers, access to Live Analytics Data opens up interesting possibilities, which includes:

    1) Google Analytics Real-Time, announced Sep 29 2011, still in beta:


    2) Woopra site for even more views of the live data:


    3) The mobile Woopra iOS App or Android App
    where you can see how many visitors are on your site at this very instant, in realtime, and which articles they're browsing:


    Checking out the Google Analytics data, from June 1st (launch) through December 31, 2011, is also quite interesting. As an avid fan of extremely high resolution displays (mobile and home), it will be fun to see how monitor resolutions change in the coming years, and the mix of desktop versus mobile device visitors, seen below. Also note a few portrait mode (pivot) monitors out there! And a wide variety of browsers.

    It should also be particularly interesting to compare how things look at the end of 2012 as well. I plan to be around, hope you do too!