If you use Amazon there's 3 ways to easily support your favorite blog, at no cost

Posted by Paul Braren on Nov 13 2013 (updated on Apr 10 2015) in
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    Let's conveniently use TinkerTry.com as an example. It's rapidly growing, and so are the web-hosting bills. Small commissions are used to help ensure that site load times are fast. Did you know Google charges bloggers like me to remove ads from my site's custom search engine results?

    There's no cost to you to use Amazon affiliate links that only recently became available in my home state of Connecticut. You have 3 easy ways to show your support, and none of them cost you a thing. No discount codes to remember at checkout either. Here's how!

    1) Use TinkerTry.com/amazon URL, before you buy

    Visiting the above link within 24 hours of making an Amazon.com purchase, and your item will automatically earn TinkerTry.com, LLC a small commission. This is fully disclosed to the public at Amazon, and at bottom-right of every page at TinkerTry.com. Any browser, any platform.

    Many other sites use similar URLs, like:

    theaverageguy.tv/amazon (affiliate ID avestufrothea-20)
    surfacegeeks.net/amazon (both are affiliate ID thehomsershop-20)
    jpeg2raw.com/amazon (affiliate ID novstu-20 )
    TinkerTry.com/amazon (affiliate ID tinkertry-20 )

    2) Use any of the Amazon product links in articles at TinkerTry.com

    Pretty simple. Any browser, any platform. Examples seen at Superguide: Insteon Home Automation and at TinkerTry.com/mydesk, featuring many tech items that I purchased and use regularly.

    3) Use the Amazing Affiliate Link Chrome Extension

    This one is good if you don't want to have to remember to do anything. Both simple and easy to implement. A one time chore that's completed in about a minute. Once installed, simply visit the Extension's Options, then paste tinkertry-20 into the "Affiliate Id" fields and you're done You can also right-click the icon for the extension to hide it, for good.

    What it does is super simple. If you have a site you'd like to support, it simply adds their affiliate ID to amazon.com when you're using Chrome. For example, amazon.com becomes amazon.com/?tag=tinkertry-20. I've noticed no slowdown since I began using it for one of my favorite podcast blogs, The Average Guy TV, which means my own shopping URLs show as:

    Why don't I use my TinkerTry.com affiliate ID for my own Amazon shopping? I'm not allowed to, as is explained when signing up for Amazon Associates program, with stern warnings here.


    Here's a simple, quick, and straight-forward animated gif looping 1 minute video walk-through, followed a narrated version, over on the TinkerTry YouTube Channel.