Andreas Peetz created ESXi-Customizer-PS, Alex López's video shows you exactly how to use it for your home lab

Posted by Paul Braren on Oct 20 2015 in
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  • For many years, Germany's amazing Andreas Peetz @VFrontDe has been making huge contributions to the home lab community, including a vast online depot of drivers/VIBs for your gear that just isn't on VMware's HCL Hardware Compatibility List. Then there's his powerful ESXi-Customer-PS:

    a Powershell script that greatly simplifies and automates the process of creating fully patched and customized ESXi 5.x and 6.0 installation ISOs.

    Gee, I've only mentioned Andreas like 20 times these past 4 years, and very nearly got to meet him in Germany last year. Someday Andreas, someday!

    Along comes Alex López @iVirtuAlex, already a VCA6, and long time TinkerTry fan. I had the honor of meeting Alex at VMworld 2015. He helps moderate TonyMacx86, a forum with over a million members. Yeah, the Hackintosh community is strong!

    Alex has recently dipped his toe into video production. Scratch that, he's diving head-first into virtualization video production, and his work will surely help me make my next build your own home virtualization lab video better.

    I mean, who wouldn't want to inject not just the very frequently needed AHCI drivers (yep, even the AHCI Samsung SM951 M.2 needs them)? How about the ESXi Embedded Host Client Fling too? Oh, why not, let's add NVMe, just in case you go out and get an Intel 750 Series NVMe PCIe or Samsung 950 PRO NVMe M.2 someday (ordered today)!

    If the VIB is for a device that just ain't there, no problem, the driver skips loading, just like all the other drivers you don't use in ESXi 6.0.

    Thank you Alex for your friendship, and for your amazingly well polished videos. For those of you that visit his growing Alex López YouTube Channel, consider some well deserved encouragement by giving him some well-deserved thumbs ups. Even better, subscribe!

    Create a Custom ESXi Image with ESXi-Customizer-PS Script, by Alex López


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