Chris Williams of Mistwire - How to get your free* AWS account & spin up your first VM

Posted by Paul Braren on May 3 2016 (updated on May 10 2016) in
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  • Ran into VTUG co-leader Chris Williams, at the recent Spring Ahead 2016 New England event in the lovely seaside town of Portsmouth, NH. After I had the opportunity to hear him participate in a panel discussion Practical Cloud, we got to catching up on SuperServers, careers, and life. I had checked out his blog at and let him know how impressed I was with the quality of posts there. For example, check out his very thorough VSPHERE 6 – ESXi Upgrade article. So I subscribed.

    Yesterday, that subscription alerted me to his new post, where again he skips NO steps in the process of describing this technical task:

    Having poked around a few of the oh-so-many offerings at AWS (Amazon Web Services) myself, this post really caught my attention. The price seems right too. And c'mon, I already have a AWS account, see my related article, Easy install Amazon CloudFront CDN with WordPress Plugin W3 Total Cache, and some AWS CDN speed tests below. Isn't it a good to know how to run a VM, anywhere? I realize not everybody wants (or can afford) a home lab.

    So, if you're looking for a bit of tinkering to do in a rather big cloud, give Chris' article a read, and consider dropping him a comment, letting him know how it went. I know I will! Of course, I'll also likely record the process, and put it up on the TinkerTry YouTube Channel.


    May 04 2016 Update

    Check out this comment by Richard Robbins, proud owner of two SuperServer Bundles, and cloud enthusiast, see also his many detailed AWS articles below.

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    CDN (Content Delivery Network) Download Speed Tests:

    Temporary test links, you may have to bypass Chrome security warnings.

    • AWS CloudFront https
      Download 100mb.bin to test speed.
      CT (home), I get about 29Mbps, smooth.
      MA, I get 32Mbps.

    • KeyCDN https
      Download 100mb.bin to test speed.
      CT (home), I get about 28Mbps, smooth.
      MA, I get 33Mbps.

    • CDN77 https
      Download 100mb.bin to test speed.
      CT (home), I get about 17Mbps, smooth.
      MA, I get 31Mbps.

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